My Journey​

Toward Professional Speaking & Coaching

My thoughts and behavior patterns have been one of my largest blessings, but in the toughest of times, my worst enemy. 

Through many years of research, experience, and guidance I have trained my mind and balanced my emotions.

In turn creating a life of true health, wealth, happiness, most of all priceless wisdom, by overcoming my struggles.


The first question that filled the pages of a rainbow-colored journal at the ripe ol' age of 8 and the question I continue to ask is "WHY?"

It evolved to include the "HOW?" Under the philosophy "Want better answers? Ask better questions." I seek the answers to effectively challenging ourselves in personal growth and transforming our lives (and the lives of others) for the better.


In my early 20's I battled anxiety, depression, insomnia, GI illness, chronic back pain, and other stress-related ailments. In the midst of my personal crossroads I CHOSE to pursue big shifts in my mind and my approach to life, my pain and suffering was the catalyst for researching and applying a blend of eastern and western methodologies to enhance my mental health and an overall state of well-being that translated into the way I experience my life, lead, and love. 


I believe that we can be better humans, lifelong learners, and self-guided change makers. 


There came a point where it was time to share...

 I became a certified personal coach, an RYT Yoga Instructor, and an inspirational speaker

to help people cope with the inner turbulence stress creates, establishing  the mindset, skills, and habits needed

in order to cultivate resilience, reduce pain, and balance their life to achieve their desires professionally and personally,

 moving from Surviving to THRIVING.


"When we can create a space that is between stimulus and response,

the opportunities for contributing to our lives in a meaningful way are endless."-RM

Reclaim your life.


"Renee is an influential thought leader, her blending of worldly wisdom and modern scientific research on what limits us

in our lives has allowed her to positively impact people's lives."


Renee Machel is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, highly sought-after mindfulness coach, 

RYT200 yoga instructor, meditation guide, and co-founder of Get MotiVETed, Well-Being Solutions for Veterinary Professionals.


Renee has presented for such places as 


  • National Gaurd

  • Duke University 

  • High Point University

  • NC A&T State University

  • O'Brien Veterinary Group

  • GVMA Conference

  • Ross University CVM 

  • Novocure Oncology Annual Conference

  • Delaware Valley University 

  • NC State University VBMA

  • APVMA Veterinary Symposium

  • Sandhills Community College

  • Liberty Hospice & Home Care

  • Veterinary Leadership Conference

  • Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicin

  • NC Small business expo

  • 34th Annual Pacific Rim International Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity


Renee founded Mind of Bliss in order to reduce the human elements that cause suffering

while inspiring people to enjoyably move from surviving to thriving in their workplaces and their lives. 


She has transitioned her 15+ yr career as a veterinary technician and team leader in the veterinary field to a career focusing on improving the quality of life for humans, certain that as humans lead happier more fulfilling and balanced lives, so shall animals. 


At home, she is a sister, daughter, friend, fiance, mom, bonus-mom, and fur-mom. 



"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

-Zen proverb