Walking Barefoot

As I type I’ve made my way outside on the hammock no shoes or socks- have been all day and it reminded me of a discussion I had last week on being barefoot (my friend had just discovered zoonotic parasites as a result of having a case of salmonella and the dr. was educating him-kudos doc) if u know me I’ve told plenty of pet owners about this and prefer to use graphic images to help emphasize my points in not just intestinal parasite control but heartworm control for their pets.

Point being, I told him I actually do go barefoot, consciously, purposefully, rather forcing myself and with an understanding of my backyard. I’m not hiking the Appalachian trail w/ no shoes.

See my natural tendencies are to not, because I loathe the feeling of tiny minuscule specs of crumbs and dirt indenting into my feet, the casing of dirt ,or the callus that develop of doing such, for an extended period of time. Which I have always tried very diligently to not have (there are not too many areas that I made huge strides in being lady like but soft feet is one them. Keeping the focus. (Just deleted a bunch of rabbit hole thoughts- your welcome) I also have really cold feet unless I’m “catting” it up in the rays of the beloved sunshine or being tucked under an oh so kind boyfriends leg. Even in a certain degree of activity say cleaning =cold. I have to be working HARD to have warm feet. Much to the dismay of Neil, even if my feet are in shoes and arctic boots cold cold COLD. I’m working on that too (holistically of course.) Then, of course, I'm in NC and this grass is not MI grass, where I grew up. Its hard and pokey, and my particular yard is riddled w/ thorny other growths aka weeds and creatures not parasitic, but just...creatures... (wormy little things that burrow) ugh. Lol, note how these things make me cringe, but discussing intestinal parasites doesn’t phase me. Otherwise I would lay flat out on this grass- but I'll start w/ just the feet.

So I have to make new tracks in my mind for not giving a f when there are crumbs, even finding a sense of joy, (in life and in this, is not just tolerating but enJOYing) in my feet picking up grass clipping along my travels washing or wiping them off, here and there. I heat up just enough water in the tub to sit my feet in for the days I’m sitting for longer periods and they get so cold it’s uncomfortable. Laying them in a sunny part, usually next to Penelope or even go outside weather and agenda pending.

Reasons being are this.

My toes. I don’t like how my pinky toe has rolled just slightly to the outside a bit. I find my feet aching in different parts (heel/arch/sides) when I wear shoes for long times. I find my gate to be off, and my back or hips to suffer. As I would fly around a day of work more mindful of the task at hand expecting my body just to come along. I’ve tried many of different shoes. And I don't go cheap w/ shoes.

I don’t like how tight my toes are to one another they feel cramped

I think I have beautiful feet and enjoy the shape and size etc and I’m not looking to be a water mammal by any stretch but, leading me to my next point the more I practiced balancing postures in yoga I came to realize that well duh - it’s easier to balance w/ more surface area than not. So think a cookie -vs a banana. Why did I choose those food items-probably bc I enjoy them and they’re the first things that popped into my head but they work- interject ur own reference if you’d like but you get the idea. A big cookie! Not those mini things, you should have seen the size of my Christmas cookies this year. Lol

So for me to balance w/ spread and engaged toes is so much more helpful then on well, a banana.

Now we know that long-term of anything can change almost anything so water running through a mountain, a ballerina's foot, or the length of a women’s neck if she piles gold necklaces around it, but BUT she can't take those necklaces off IF she expects her neck muscles to hold that big ol noggin upright. You hear me? Now apply that logic to our feet. I recognize that my outer digit may never be what it was at birth (whatever that was) but that it can't hurt the process, if shoes 'helped' the shaping process.

And we know shoes are designed differently these days, and my (along w/ many peoples) running shoes are being worn ALL day (btw loving my new Roxie slips that allow my toes to be spread out and create an imprint in the foam when I have to wear them- it only took me 3 years to find them, guess how many pairs I bought and still consider buying more) AND our feet/ shoes are marketed differently, to be/look a certain way, take high heels for instance or even TOMS

It makes your feet work how they were designed! Your toes, your arches your balance within the corners of your feet, everything - without “toe shoes” just take the damn shoes off when u can.

You get to be mindful of this, and then you can isolate movement and trigger your brain to isolate that movement when we talk about mindfulness and meditation or if we practice yoga together, I will include your toes-ies!

The next BIG reason is ‘EARTHING’ where you gain electrons, reducing free radicals, improving the electrical currency in our bodies, which can help with microcirculation the list goes on. By connecting not just to ground (indoor flooring) but to the earth's electric field of energy.

My research has lead me to this concept many times and from many different sources all resulting in the same end result. It’s beneficial and we need it (I’m going to include pets in that category too bc come on that’s not that far off especially those 'indoor' kiddos) which is part (part- I’ll get to that in another blog) of why P has spent 4 hours at her leisure going in and outside most being out (supervised and in backyard) today and frequently does.

Feng shui, Tai-chi, science, yoga and many other countless bodies of knowledge and wisdom support the concept. Google it. I'm not yet into citing sources, linking stuff through, and marketing, otherwise, you'd see a link to those roxies. I'm a researcher by nature and that I do. you're not here for the research though, so I'll trust you are taking my word for whatever it is. AS a "researcher" a writer, albeit a blogger, in this case, I still feel this inclination to cite those sources. Its been over the years I've acquired my knowledge and its taken me time just to write this pulling it from my head. I hope you understand.

You know or are beginning to learn that I’ve suffered since a child from excessive worry, problems sleeping with a height of insomnia in the early 20s along w/ inflammation, precancerous cells, chronic pain, anxiety, Depression, neuropathy, (I’ll stop there just for time sake). So Gimme those electrons.

The skin is the largest organ, we absorb and detox with it.

Earthing or grounding also leads me to mention 2 things, without delving into them. The Japanese practice of forest bathing and the energy bodies or chakras that can also benefit from being grounded/rooted in this practice, behavior or way of life. (Some people experience being barefoot as a way of life, whether your on this continent or not, but many of us don't.)

It’s all about balance my friends. I’m not saying remove the flooring from your house, queue moderation. Balance, moderation, and "if it doesn't hurt" approach. What do you have to lose? and what about to gain? A better nights rest, one less argument, one less panic attack, less cortisol, more sex, nail your tree pose, the list goes on.

You'll find a general philosophy of mine to be that we are having a human experience but that I believe we can be better at it.