The energy in the air

Even if you are spending the holiday season by yourself, or boycotting sales days, which I have done both, you have to admit there is a certain buzz, a feeling, a vibe in the air.

The reason that this comes to mind is that it can be really exciting when embraced, easily tantalizing and tempting when your on the fence, or sometimes make you feel a little off despite the age ol saying "just another day".

There's this sort of atmospheric change that is palpable when there a hustle and bustle to the streets and a common theme at the water cooler discussions...

Here's the thing- there's always an energy that influences us, but often times its dismissed. I want to use these really great examples while we are in the midst of it, when you can really feel it, to sharpen your radar for when the seasons change and you are left to your own devices to detect these shifts in climate when it isn't smacking you in the face.

We sometimes even say you could cut the tension with a knife, fewer people seem to notice when there is positive vibes, light or uplifting elements to the air, the people or the room. Yet- its there.

Furthermore, you can make it so. Be the Light.

When someone approaches you- do you think that the first exchange is through words or even body language? Without going to deep into the energy rabbit hole, I'm suggesting that we have a certain essence about us at any given time. Sometimes thats radiating kindness and helpful tendandcies others, its annoyance, other times its thick with gloom and doom, the list could go on.

So in an effort to raise awareness, which is often our first step to marked changes/transformations. Just begin to notice what you can feel and/or what your putting out. Step two would be after noticing, shift to a higher level vibe. Trading the tread lightly sign for a welcome mat. Choosing to take responsibility for what we are offering to those around us, eventually our efforts will become a new default. Practice self-compassion as you move through this new process and try not to "should"on yourself. Enjoy the process and the doors it will surely open for you.

Live consciously and balanced.