Lost in the Whirlwind

Sometimes we get off track, spinning, finding balance, re-calibrating. Sometimes this process takes time. The time that inevitably flies by. Making you periodically stop and wonder if you are handling it in the best possible way. (Judging/questioning yourself, sometimes in a less than helpful way.) If you are pondering it, and have not forgotten completely about your primary mission- then you are okay.

Believe me- With the biggest things of life, my mental prep work leading up to and acting as a sort of 'dosing' that is simple, forethought, pondering, while just allowing the circumstance to be that as they may, for now, works quite well. (Smoking, health/ fitness, business models, family management.) Wayne Dyer interprets the Tao Te Ching, in his book "Change your life Change your thoughts -which I highly recommend for a zen approach to life. How there is a time to be excited and a time to be calm, a time to be busy, a time to rest and so forth. The Tao is flowing, naturally - to not work against it.

Understand that everything is transient- that's what Mindfulness gifts us. It is all temporary. It's freeing, and it's savoring. Meaning that in troublesome, or worrisome times- take solace in the notion that it is not forever- even a year into a tough circumstance, maybe you are caring for an ill loved one- or 5 mos astray from (Fill in the blank) your spirituality, your business plan, your family, or home - is not forever. When things are blissful- sink in, lean in, feel it for every bit of its glory so that you may experience it fully, again-soak it up like a dose of goodness to be in and to carry with you- it's fleeting after all.

I write this article to you after a period where mostly mental energy was being expended on my entrepreneurial endeavors because my physical energy has been elsewhere. Re-calibrating for the change in tides, multiple tides.

In regards to MOB- I have been brewing on a shift, not far from its original purpose but perhaps broader, sharing more, believing I can help, more. I write this at a time when we embark on the Holiday season- a time of hustle and bustle of rising energies. A time when worries can surmount your mood and your day. When the days are shorter and darker, a bit colder and often a time that for many, can feel lonely.

I write to remind you that you have a choice, you always have a choice and whether that is to "Be Still & Know" to allow- or whether that is time to find your new path, to rest or jump back in, to make the choice to be open --not spend the week ahead as you did the week of past. You are driving your life. To choose to spend your time, your life, creating a way of being that truly aligns with what FEELS GOOD for you, in this stage of your life. To remind you that we are all connected in our joy and our sorrows, in our shared but frequently isolated experiences. To remind you that people will understand, to have a voice and have confidence that you are exactly where you are supposed to be- experiencing what you are supposed to - and the interpretation and (equally important), your response, is what matters most.

We decide what meaning to attach to anything- what belief will underline an interaction or a thought, or a pattern of self-talk. That those decisions can be changed and that you may change the rules for which you live your life by, literally at ANY. SECOND.

Take a moment, think about what you need, think about what you must do- give yourself credit for doing the "must-do" despite not generally wanting to do it. Be in the now- while feeling safe moving forward bc you are awesome you are gifted. You have gotten this far, and as they say- the best is yet to come.

Much Love and Hugs