3 W's: Life-work, work-work, working out

I continue to contemplate joining the 5 am club but my trial experiments have not been continuously successful. See, me waking up earlier doesn't guarantee my 1 year old stays asleep. If anything- me getting out of the bed actually increases the likelihood that he wakes up. So it's a work in progress.

Never the less I have had a few conversations recently with some of my favorite people who are each recommit to reprioritizing their life. I too am taking part in this recalibration.

What does this mean to you? Well- the most successful people in the world that I have studied do these sorts of activities to stay on target. In my 20's I wandered aimlessly and arduously throughly life. In my 30's I have a compass and I have goals.

"Start where you are"

I always say. The process begins with what I have coined "Life-Work" that is doing the self inventory, introspection, and exploration to unrest your gears to understand where you are, where you're going and possibly how to get there. It requires a lot of thought work, emotional/ energy navigation, purpose driven day dreaming, and writing. It may start in the thought space, as everything does but it begins to take shape once you write it down.

A few good tools to fuel you are writing prompts and top notch planners, such as Freedom Mastery, (a favorite of mine) Brendan Buchard's or Panda Planner to name a few. One day, I assure you I will publish my own. Until then... These are not your mama's planner. This is just charting kids sports - this is the blue print to your new life. Jim Rohn said

"Success is the unfolding of the personal design of your life and pulling it off."

So, you have to start here- doing the work, each day, week and month to carve your path. This includes your personal development, self- teaching to better yourself as a human, and cultivating the skills you need to next level in business and in life.

We all "work-work" what we do to make a living. Sometimes it is our mission, that puts food on our tables, but for many its their day job while creating their side- hustle. Others, it's a day job bc they didn't even know what a side hustle was (me x years ago). I've been passionate about my career for many years, but at times held other jobs up to 3 or 4 side hustles and employee based because well, I was finding my way... or rather... creating it. Never the less- we have to move the ball forward. Generally we have to put some attn and energy here each day. Jim Rohn also said

"Invest more in yourself, than in your day job"

Ain't that the truth! MIND BLOWING!!! WOW what a perspective!!! I grew up with STRONG work ethic - that for many years was the labor for someone else's fruit. You know what I mean? So, when I put wellbeing at the forefront- that's when I started working on me more. Then I did it again and again when I started my side hustles and businesses. You have to bob and weave. I've been through a divorce and the immediate goal at that time was earn income- the traditional way. DO what makes sense for you right now while planning and purposefully visualizing what you really desire.

Lastly people we have to GENERATE our own ENERGY!!! that means MOVE THE BODY. Some way some how-more than the walk around your office and to and from your car or hell, your stairs if your working remotely. I say

"More often than not"

It doesn't have to be major- but do something different than the normal. Reason why, is bc your body will react that plateau with your weight? That's bc there's a plateau in activity. Spice it up. Walking, Jogging, Running. Don't come off the couch and start running. Consult your doctor (Everything I say in my blogs in my opinion and not to be taken as direct recommendations). Yoga, stretch, 10 min kettle bell exercise, setups push ups what have you. Just do it. Nike didn't get as far as they did with a subpar motto.

Move the body, still the mind

There's a "hidden" benefit to exercise and really getting sweaty on purpose. Most people avoid any level of discomfort and sweating. I encourage you to sweat as much as you can. It releases toxins, boosts your immunity (just what we need) and calms the restless mind (again- just what we need) while working on that 6 pack- or 4 pack in my case. I'm usually cool with 4 :)

So those are my 3 w's I wanted to share with you. Sparking inspiration and a dose of encouragement for people to remind or introduce them to the concepts of DAILY designing and creating the life you ultimately desire. So take a couple hours, go in your back yard and unrest those dream gears.

PS if you don't want to spend any money yet on planners, you can find tutorials or preview .pdfs around that will offer you the prompts you need to get started today. As I write, I would like to offer you a free copy of my book, if you want to get your free copy email me @ Reneemmachel@gmail.com subject line: Insight & Clarity Book Request.

Much love and hugs