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Rave Reviews

"Ms. Machel, has been a not only my coach but a friend for the past year.  She walks with you along your journey (one that you set for yourself, or one you both set), and guides you along the way --- sometimes as the "friend", but also as the "teacher/sage", shedding light on a new perspective. I believe she is an "old soul" sent here to help me on my way through life/business/personal.  Kindness, compassion, and truth emanate from her.  Soak her up while you get the chance.  She is heaven sent."




Charles O.  (Columbus, Ohio) 

Adjunct Professor for Sleep Medicine 

“Working with Renee was a life-changing experience. I learned how to appreciate the difficult moments of life and not let them define me. Renee brought out the characteristics and talents that I never knew I possessed. If for any reason you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend working with her.”

Coaching Client

“Renee's passion to help the veterinary industry fight Compassion Fatigue and Burnout are truly evident when she speaks. I had the opportunity to attend a lecture and I can honestly say that I wish seminars such as this one were available when I was a hospital manager.  Listening to Renee helped me realize that Burnout and Compassion Fatigue are not isolated to just the doctor, but that the entire support staff can suffer from it. After over 10 years in the veterinary industry with over 4 of them as a Manager of a hospital I can truly attest to how beneficial it is to have not just the doctor but the entire team have a positive outlook and have ways to help fight the burnout that can be felt from the day to day stresses that occur in the field. The steps presented, not only help me when I am struggling professionally, I have also found them useful when struggling personally. I highly encourage not just leaders to attend, but the entire team. You will not only get beneficial information but it is an awesome team building opportunity.”


Jaye-Lynn Orellano

Former Practice Manager Banfield Pet Hospital

"We would like to thank you for your time and knowledge that you have passed onto us to help make our North Eastern Regional Symposium a success. It is greatly appreciated."


Deleware Valley University Pre-Vet Club

"I had the most productive year of my 31 years of living while being coached by Renee. I know this was not a coincidence. Renee's ability to see thoughts and actions that were blocking me from my potential has been beyond valuable. I also appreciate the accountability and reassurance that she provides as a coach. I will always have a coach!"

Quincy H.


I went into her seminar feeling severely anxious, stressed and burned out from my job with compassion fatigue nipping at my heels. As a busy Chief of Staff for a very large veterinary corporation, these things were directly affecting my ability to perform my duties to the fullest. I lacked the skills and knowledge to recover from my everyday work life. This seminar not only gave me SO many tools, resources and the personal insight needed to start my journey into my own health and wellness but, more importantly, the realization that I wasn't alone and there was hope to recover enough to rejoin the field I loved and respected. I want to thank Renee Machel for bringing her experiences, skills, and knowledge to the veterinary community. If you are feeling any of the above emotions like I was, do yourselves a favor and sign up for a seminar. You won't regret it.  

Dr. Marie B. North Carolina

"Renee presented to our students, and, respectively faculty and staff. She was so relatable, connecting very easily with the audience with her warm and genuine demeanor. The presentations were infused with impactful stories and many useful tools for coping and self-care that were very inspiring and motivating. It was great to see many students seek advice and guidance after the presentations. She responded to each student with openness and warmth. Truly inspiring cultural change at the systemic level as well as the individual. "


Luana Nan, Ph.D., HSPP

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

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