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Wheat Field

Get MotiVETed: Creating a Culture of Wellness Seminar

Fayetteville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro and Wilmington 


Renee will be speaking on the topics of Gratitude, Mindfulness and Meditation as it relates to the challenges veterinary professionals face in their day to day. Her work with Get MotiVETed will help shift the overall culture within the veterinary industry. 


Anxiety Management: Sleep Technician Student Seminar

July 5th 2018 Sandhills Community College


Coping with test anxiety, that of finding work once graduated, coping with patients and providing outstanding care while maintaining self-care and balance.  

Meditation by the sea

Anxiety Workshop : OPEN TO PUBLIC

July , 2018


Renee will present along guest speakers Charles Oliver, professor and sleep tech, and motivational speaker Garry Carlson. Together they will address anxiety at its core and tools proved to cope with anxiety leading to a better quality of life.  

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