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You are one decision away from a totally different life 

Renee is frequently called upon to speak and consult on wellbeing in the workplace and participate in engagements for Healthcare Companies, including Executive Retreats,  Conferences or Annual Meetings.

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I entered the wellbeing arena as a veterinary professional, sharing my story along with the systems I developed to overcome the many challenges many professionals face. 

Renee now utilizes her 20+ years as a team leader and veterinary nurse to provide high-level solutions to a broad range of clients-- from large hospital consolidators to human hospice volunteers to pharmaceutical companies. These solutions apply to many walks of life, no matter your role.


Best of all, Renee's approach and style of delivery is a breath of fresh air and much of what she speaks or trains on is research-backed.


Be The Happiest Person You Know 


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                                      – Irene c kassorla

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