Living Balanced

A Holistic Approach to Transforming Your Life

When your state of being or entire life requires transformation, it takes more than one jog, a to-do list, or a vent session with a friend to succeed. You need to address the WHOLE picture: Your routines, your core values, and your mindset. Becoming the leader in your life requires customized approaches, and I help you gain clarity on what success looks like, feels like to you. I empower you to shift from Surviving to Thriving. When you have had enough and you are ready to alter the paradigm that steers and creates your life you can directly navigate the course toward your desired results. The comfort zone that is more familiar than fruitful limits one's growth and fulfillment in life. Those who seek to no longer be victim to their external environment, let go of the internal representation of "woe's me" and deliberately choose to create their own reality from the inside out are prime candidates for coaching! 


My intention is to support and empower you to make consistent, decisive choices and practices, shaping the framework or the foundation that align with how you want to experience the life that you desire to create. It's not enough to simply outline a picture, as humans we can experience the same circumstance very differently from a fellow individual - our work can seek and define those important differences.


Together we partner to develop tools and techniques for you to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Having a personal coach, on your side, is one of the keys to a happier, healthier life.

Discovering and experiencing success on your terms in each area of your life.

You can transform your life and break the chains that hold you back.


"Coaching is a holistic process that has the power to balance and harmonize life,

achieving measurable and beneficial results in all areas of one's life, with increasing ease.

We will work together to enable and empower you to lead a fulfilling and well-balanced lifestyle

by decreasing the negative effects of unbalanced areas of life and increasing the positive." -C. Martin


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Coaching is about a process that helps people, from any walk of life, reach their potential faster.


Holistic is characterized by the comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Applying that concept that to the whole person, and to the person's whole life rather than just one area. 



Aligning your values requires intention in areas like leadership, mindset, relationships, mindfulness, fulfillment, consciousness, productivity, career, physiology, financial health, balance, life transitions. 


Sessions create the objective space and support for clients to go deep, beyond traditional goal setting. Reaching a higher sense of engagement, performance, and achievement that harmonizes the aspects of their wellbeing. 


Tailoring the process to your own needs, teaching a new habit, offering a tool or concept challenges further growth in each session on important issues.


Trusting relationships between a coach and coachee allow for the deep exploration and sharing of vulnerable information to be effective in transforming one's life. 


Sustainable Success is threaded throughout the work we do, therefore patience and understanding of that notion is key to maintaining the skills you continue to develop. 


Discovery Calls are to ensure that both the coach and coachee feel that a partnership is the best fit to journey toward personal growth.


Commitment is a must when making the investment to shift into a way of being that supports the things that matter most to you.


Believing that humans can, in fact, design their lives, create whom they want to be and change how they want to experience their life is where coaching makes the largest difference for impacting life as we know it. 

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Coaching Vs Therapy


Understanding that seeking either or both can be a very personal decision with a number of influencing factors or degrees. 


Coaching largely focuses on actions and results. Putting emphasis on the 'how'. Identifying and modifying patterns or behaviors are necessary to change the results but the exploration of one's mindset is not in the same regard that a therapist would seek understanding to diagnose potential illness or a pathology that could be treated, focusing on the 'why'.  


Coaching is a partnered process, that holds the client accountable as they move through the process. Offering support for the client to clarify the relationship their beliefs or interpretations on of ones life has on the results they are seeing manifested in their life. Coaching can empower one to change the lens, or shift the mindset of how he or she experiences that relationship or circumstance, action or belief that is no longer serving them.


Therapists come in a number of shapes and sizes as the saying would have it. There are psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, the list goes on. They can help you work through past traumas, anxiety or depression that affect your ability to function, explore destructive experiences. Some will have an approach very similar to coaching, others may not. Therapists may practice techniues coaches would, whereas coaches cannot practice all of the same techniques a psychoanalyst would.


Those with significant challenges may find it suitable to employ both. In either regard, it's important you work with someone you connect with and feel comfortable with.


Coaches offer guidance and support in achieving a balanced lifestyle, establishing boundaries to better serve your aims, cultivating awareness through mindfulness, leaning into vunerability and faith in order to express ones self fully, choosing meaningful and thoughtful ways to enhance one's life and the lives of those they love or lead, practicing acceptance of fear or circumstances that cannot be changed, identifying and letting go of attachment to self-limiting beliefs or behaviors, embarking on new personal or professional ventures, changing the trajectory of your life's course, improving confidence, communication, living in and moving into higher states of being, and unlocking the potential that has rusted up over the years. 


Both aim to help people grow and master areas of their life and well-being while becoming more effective in creating their life as they desire.


Coaching with me focuses on the state of being that supports you in every moment that when strung together makes up your day, week, life, belief system. Practicing new wasy of being with the intention to bring you closer to your desired outcome rather than farther away. Mindfulness practices help you recognize the moment between a stimulus and a response to make a choice that aligns with the desired way of being. 


Our states of being ripple out into everything/everyone we interact with. Our vibes can be felt and almost even touched by others even when the influence isn't outwardly identified by those not paying attention yet we certainly can see the results after the fact- that certainly can be tangible.


As a coachee you are commited to approaching the 'how' of what you are currently getting into your life in a new manner in order to achieve a different outcome. As a coach, I will remaining neutral, non judgemental and ojective in order to be able to 'see the tree in the forest' (stress naturally narrows one's view) so that I may stay in a position to empower the coachee to create a fulfilling life.


By entering into a coaching relationship you are providing yourself the opportunity to grow your toolbox so that what you carry around with you serves you and what doesn't is set down. The internal turbulence felt as a result of the human elements from living through unfavorable circumstances is now in your hands to be a calmer and smoother ride that you embrace. Moving through choice helps to redefine and rewrite your narrative (that plays 24/7) and the story you not only tell yourselves but that is shared with others about who you are and how you experience life can inspire contuined efforts and enhace your life making the impossible, attainable. 


“The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development."

-Jim Rohn

It is better to conquer yourself

Then win a thousand battles

The victory is yours

It cannot be taken from you