Renee is known for her charismatic and thought-provoking deliveries that leave audiences charmed, informed and inspired. Renee tailors her message to your group because she knows far too well, that one size does not fit all. Blending modern research and ancient wisdom she entertains, touches your heart and inspires human potential. 


 "The most dynamic speaker I have met in my entire life.

She takes you on this journey. Most presentations are 2D, Renee's are like holograms!" 

-K. Robinson


  • Signature Keynote

    • Renee shares her personal story 

      • Blend of anecdotal and research-backed strategies to overcome mental health & wellbeing struggles 

      • How to create a holistic approach to be happier in your career and life 

  • Recharging with Mindfulness and Meditation

    • Cultivating the practice
    • Understand the mind-body connection
    • How the practices translate into workplace productivity


  • The Mindful Entrepreneur

    • Reduce stress

    • Improve Productivity

    • Remain present both on & off the field

  • Work-Life Balance

    • Establish boundaries

    • Understand HOW to prioritize 

    • Turning off ruminating thoughts and worry


  • Progressive Leadership 

    • Develop empowered teams that are inspired and consistently performing at peak level

    • Reduce turnover and daily 'fires' while improving team morale and individual job satisfaction

    • Create a culture in your workplace that supports wellbeing 

  • Gratitude and Wellbeing

    • Develop methods to engage a daily practice of gratitude

    • Overcome adversity, challenges, and unfavorable circumstances

    • Reduce lower level emotions like disengagement, anger, and depression


  • Caring for the caregiver

    • Understand the impact of burnout and compassion fatigue

    • Strategies to find relief from the symptoms​

    • Begin prioritizing your self-care



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